Desarrollo de sitios web mobile first optimizadas conversión lead madrid



A new mobile operator arrives in Spain, a new mobile operator arrives from the hand of Bluephone, a company with more than 10 years of experience in the telecommunications sector that has been characterized by providing a fast service in the sale of prepaid mobile phone cards, IP voice products for businesses and individuals.

FlexiMovil seeks market penetration in Spain by positioning itself among the millennial segment and foreigners living in the South of Spain.

portafolio de agencia creativa en madrid


Nuestra agencia de diseño comprende la importancia de captar y entender la imagen de marca of our clients

clients and translate it into creative and effective solutions.

As a Marketing Director, we understand that you want an agency that aligns with your business goals and objectives. At Brandesign, our priority is to work closely with you, to fully understand your brand’s personality and values and to provide creative support for your campaigns by offering

graphic design solutions. We immerse ourselves in your vision and help you develop a strong and coherent visual identity.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced designers is dedicated to creating marketing pieces that reflect the essence of your brand. Whether you need designs for envelopes, letterhead, post-its or other corporate stationery, we are ready to provide you with custom solutions.

Moreover, we focus not only on design, but also on high quality production. We make sure that each piece is carefully produced and meets the highest standards to convey the professionalism and excellence of your brand.

These are some final artworks for billboards (offline advertising) and creatives developed for online advertising, made by Brandesign Creative Agency for the operator Fleximovil.

desarrollo de landing pages para campañas online internet conversion lead performance
Diseño de tríptico material publicitario para lanzamiento de marca Brandesign agencia de branding
Desarrollo de sitios web mobile first optimizadas conversión lead madrid
Cartelera y publicidad operador movil agencia branding brandesign
Diseño y tematización de canal de red social facebook personalización
Desarrollo de sitio web mobile first moviles brandesign
Diseño de flyer o volante para el lanzamiento de la marca fleximovil Brandesign agencia creativa madrid
Diseño grafico de triptico diptico marcas
Diseño de la experiencia de usuario para la app de fleximovil

(2016) También desarrollamos varias landing pages centradas en una experiencia mobile first

Portafolio experiencia en diseño de carteles offline


Brand awareness

FlexiMovil is making its way as one of the youngest brands in Spain, positioning itself as the “flexible” operator that adapts to your possibilities, as you can configure its tariffs and services to your needs. Reinforcing the colour purple as the operator that is coming to revolutionise the virtual mobile telephony market.


Are you looking for a design department to support you in your campaigns? At Brandesign we work and join forces with Marketing departments to formulate creative proposals for your online and offline advertising campaigns. We want to be part of your team.

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