The history and personality of your brand

Today many brands are using the power of brand identity to define a personality. It’s not just about telling stories on Instagram, it’s about defining your personality, the form and manner of communicating creatively and coherently . The verbal identity communicates with the corporate identity visually and literally.

When a brand transmits its message through verbal identity,  it manages to connect more deeply with its fans and achieve loyalty and credibility .

Who are you?

What story is behind it?

How do you tell it?

The brand storytelling

How can storytelling help you tell the personality of your brand?

The service that Brandesign offers you as a branding agency helps you not only define WHAT / WHERE / HOW / and WHO you are to your consumers, but also create the history and personality of your brand through its naming and its communication pieces. visual.

Telling your brand’s verbal identity through experiences is all you need to captivate your customers. In this way, they will identify you as a close, transparent and honest brand. Plus, they will have more confidence in your company.

You must create a value story and launch your products and services with a coherent story that can be inspiring.

It is important that you increase your engagement and that you manage to involve your customers with the campaigns you launch. And in this sense, storytelling will help you achieve it.

If you hire a creative agency like Brandesign to create a story around your brand, you will be able to have attractive social networks with images and content in line with your needs.

To find an effective brand strategy, you can count on Brandesign to develop the visual and verbal identity of your brand through its BRAND EQUITY BUILDING methodology. In which it is based on the 360º that the brand plan has, and thereby  help you improve your positioning . Likewise, you will gain authority in your sector. We create a coherent, relative and differentiated personality and identity to connect the values ​​of your products and services with which your customers can associate you and achieve more sales.


  • Improve the image and presence of your brand.
  • Increase engagement with your target.
  • Open a new direct communication channel with them.
  • Dabble in a more interactive and participatory way with them.
  • Create stories with your users , telling stories about how they ‘live’ your brand or product.
  • Segment and at the same time, enhance certain products .
  • Generate  more traffic to your website .
  • It is the perfect space to return mentions to B2B companies and do CoBranding .
  • Ideal for your CSR Corporate Social Responsibility publications .


  1. We would study the guidelines  in your corporate identity manual.
  2. If you do not have a defined Brand Book, we can offer you the service separately.
  3. We will study your product and your target(s).
  4. We will study your followers.
  5. We would align with you to learn about releases, launches and events you have in production.
  6. We would make a grid to evaluate the formats you need to achieve each objective.
  7. We would plan your content within a month.
  8. We would define a visual strategy marking the photographic principles that your brand should follow
  9. We would define the verbal identity with which your brand should be expressed.
  10. We would apply our StoryTelling methodology:  Stories with an approach, middle and end.
  1. We would evaluate branding archetypes to develop both story and character.
  2. We would produce the copy , texts, images and creatives together with you.
  3. We evaluate the objective to achieve with each publication.
  4. We would look for spaces to communicate sales / history / values ​​/ direct response / interaction / traffic, etc.
  5. We will find out your CSR planning for your Corporate Social Responsibility .
  6. We would publish the creatives in the feed, we would animate your IG Stories or stories
  7. We monitor interactions, moderate responses, make mentions.
  8. We foster your digital brand community.
  9. We can also look for collaborators and influencers who are in line with the brand equity of your product.
  10. We create a monthly reporting of achievements achieved.

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diseño de etiquetas para envases y productos
We have many years  designing corporate identities  for companies, whether they are just starting out and need an identity and a strategy to make themselves known professionally or to help large organizations structure their existing brands.
We get involved in generating a real, functional and profitable strategy.
Auditoría de marca
La auditoria tiene como objetivo la medición del Brand Equity de una marca en su mercado (valores, competidores, tendencias, grupo o grupos de tier) y que impactos positivos y negativos ha tenido sobre la marcha en los pasados años.
Estrategia de Marca
La estrategia o plan de marca se hace tanto para marcas existentes como nuevas y se basa en los lineamientos de comunicación e innovación para el posicionamiento de un producto o servicio en un mercado.
Naming y Nomenclatura
Estudio, exploración y creación de nombres para marcas corporativas o comerciales y sus respectivas nomenclaturas para la designación de nombres para la familia de producto y/o coherencia en el nombramiento de sus servicios.
Diseño de Logotipo
El logo es un aspecto esencial en el desarrollo del branding. Diseñamos logotipos, imagotipos, isologos, isotipos desde un punto técnico y estratégico pensando siempre en el universo de sus diferentes aplicaciones, posicionamiento y/o refrescamiento.
Packaging y Labeling
En Brandesign nos gusta "pensar en el bosque cada vez que nos piden un árbol" cada packaging o etiqueta que diseñamos está pensada para posicionar un producto dentro de un segmento específico, al igual que para atraer miradas desde el click o el anaquel.
Punto de Venta
Creamos piezas de comunicación dentro del punto de venta (FMOT) estratégicas tanto desde el punto de vista corporativa de la marca y acorde con las preferencias de tus clientes y de la tipología de Retail.
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