Plugspot una identidad corporativa para red de carga de coches electricos


It was the beginning of the year 2021 when Alberto contacted us to ask us for help in the development of a business idea, which pleased us because at Brandesign we offer content creation services for major consumer brands, as well as supporting entrepreneurs to create the identity of their startups.

In an increasingly competitive market, a company’s graphic identity is key to its success. The creation of a imagen corporativa solid and consistent can make the difference between going unnoticed or standing out in a sea of options. That’s why more and more companies are realising the importance of investing in the design process of their graphic identity.

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In this success story, we are going to analyse how the design process in the creation of the graphic identity of Plugspot, a company dedicated to offering electric car charging point services, and how its branding helped them to position themselves as a brand and increase their online presence.

diseño grafico de las estaciones de recarga de coche eléctricos


The design process in the creation of the graphic identity is a fundamental step in a company’s success. In the case of Plugspot, the creation of a solid and coherent graphic identity allowed them to stand out in an increasingly competitive market. To achieve this, a series of steps were carried out, which are detailed below.

concepto de diseño gráfico para plugspot


The first step in the design process of Plugspot’s graphic identity was the definition of its name or naming. The name of a company is a key element in its branding strategy, as it is what will differentiate it from the competition and the first thing that customers will remember.

In the case of Plugspot, the chosen name is an amalgamation or combination of the words “plug”, which means “plug” in English, and “spot”, which means “place or point”. The chosen name aligns with the main objective of the company, which is to offer charging point services for electric cars, and is an ideal name as it is very descriptive and very easy for potential customers to remember.

We also saw that the trademark was not registered in the national offices of the OEPM or at European level with the EUIPO, so the client decided to register the name at European level, having now a more valued trademark as it is a unique and self-descriptive name that encompasses the entire sector of electric car charging points: Plugspot.

desarrollo de la estrategia de naming
ejemplos y casos de éxito de branding de empresas en madrid


A good logo is essential when starting a startup, as it represents the visual identity of the company. It is the first thing that customers and potential investors see, and it is what will give them a first impression of the company. For this reason, it is important to have a good logo from the start.

Plugspot’s logo will represent this idea in the market, and it must be easy to remember and associate with the company.

It should also be consistent with the company’s mission and values, so that customers feel identified with it.

Having an attractive and consistent logo on the website and social media can help establish a strong online presence and attract new customers.


In the case of Plugspot, the chosen logo features a combination of green and blue, which are colors that are associated with renewable energy and technology (as the company also has apps and cloud-based solutions to find charging points on the map).

In addition, for the logo design we looked for a symbiosis or double reading of an initial “P” of its name but also the “P” is the letter used as the characteristic icons to represent many parking lots in the city, (ideal for points where you leave your car at rest to recharge) we also look for an image of an electric car plug, which is immediately and intuitively aligned with the activity, company name and its main business objective.

logo responsive escala de lecturas y legibilidad
carteles de publicidad exterior campañas de publicidad
estudio de diseño gráfico y brandesigners
Portafolio de branding brandesign agencia de diseño


Once the company name and logo were defined, the next step in Plugspot’s graphic identity design process was the development of the company’s visual identity.

Corporate identity is a set of graphic elements used to represent the brand of a company, including typography, colors and styles. In the case of Plugspot, we looked for examples of signage where we could recognize the points adhered to the electric car charging program. In addition to studying the semiotics of the signage, we tested its reductions to check its legibility both on large surfaces (parking lot entrances, banners) and in its reductions (App icon, favicon).

After the creation of the graphic identity, Plugspot started implementing its branding and marketing strategy on different online channels and platforms. We searched for a TLD that would be sympathetic to the company’s renewable energy philosophy, opting for the .eco domain. The company’s website was designed and developed to reflect Plugspot’s brand and visual identity, and to provide clear and concise information about its services.

Plugspot’s marketing team also began work on creating relevant and valuable content for its audience on different channels, including a blog, social media and newsletters.

Within the branding strategy we defined a series of events, fairs and exhibitions in the electric vehicle industry to seek both presence and involvement in environmentally conscious initiatives to increase their visibility and social engagement.

manual de identidad corporativa marca madrid caso de éxito
trípticos corporativos para sector energético y movilidad
trípticos corporativos para sector energético y movilidad
servicios de diseño grafico para cartel de ferias ifema
servicios de diseño grafico para cartel de ferias ifema


Creating a strong graphic identity is crucial for any company, especially those looking to establish a strong online presence. In the case of Plugspot, creating a cohesive visual identity helped the company position itself as a unique and recognizable brand in the electric car charging point services market.

The creation of the visual identity was an arduous task in which we participated as experts in graphic design and brand strategy.

The end result was a visual identity that reflects the essence of the brand, its mission and values, and communicates effectively with its target audience.

The implementation of Plugspot’s brand strategy has been a success, as the company has managed to establish a strong and recognizable online presence, and has generated a growing interest in its services among a growing audience. In addition, the company has been recognized for its commitment to sustainability and environmental protection, which has strengthened its image and positioning in the market.

In conclusion, Plugspot’s graphic identity design process has been a success story, as it has helped the company establish a solid and recognizable presence by supporting it in one of its critical phases: the launch and promotion of its business models.

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ejemplos de comunicacion campaña de branding
diseño y desarrollo de la pagina web del cliente en madrid plugspot recarga de coche eléctrico


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