Editorial design is the basis for the success of any type of publication. Information needs design, from a technical manual that needs infographics to make its instructions more visual and easy, to a product catalog that needs to be attractive to sell in your retails.

Below, we describe its usefulness based on three fundamental questions on which its undoubted usefulness is based.


Information needs Design


You only have to visualize a situation to answer this question:

Imagine you have a store and different salespeople come to sell you their products and you don’t have time to attend to them. Which product catalog will you like the most? Which type of cover offers a better design? Obviously you will choose the one whose design is different, knowing that the products and prices are the same. If you like it, you know that its design will sell more to your customers.

The first image you have of any brand is always the best possible business card. The same happens when you have to use a catalog or when you receive a brochure. A good editorial design is one that allows the customer to discover, in seconds, what you want to achieve.


Editorial Design and Layout

Each type of publication has a purpose, a fashion magazine differs a lot from a toy catalog and, in turn, is far from a technical manual for franchisees, or a florilegium for a literary work.

When we design, we pay a lot of attention to HOW, WHERE and WHO reads us in order to design for them, so that the content is attractive, useful and they enjoy the stories told and illustrated.

It seems obvious that designing a brochure or several catalogs is not the same as designing a series of training ebooks. Depending on the final format, it is necessary to change the layout, to prepare the final artwork and to adapt as much as possible to the requirements of the product’s potential reader. Choosing the best format always makes it easier to meet the expected objectives.

Segmentation has become a perfect marketing tool. Before designing a publication, we must know who is going to read it and why. Not surprisingly, the same book can become a totally different one if it is for adult or young students.

In the first case, we will go for more sober colors and a more serious design. In the second, verticality and the inclusion of more images. Adaptability must always be total in order to achieve success.

maquetación y diagramación de libros, revistas para editoriales

We understand that the important thing is the information you want to convey, but in options such as white papers, among others, we cannot limit ourselves to filling each page with content. Infographics, photographs, graphics and other resources make it easier to consult the information in seconds.

For example, designing a catalog of cat toys to be included on the website of an online store is not the same as printing a physical catalog on lighting fixtures for municipalities. Distinguishing between B2C and B2B marketing is essential for each job to be just what the customer needs.

We can conclude that editorial design is that guest of stone that is present in every format and that ends up turning it into an attractive product that meets both the conditions of the company that commissioned it and what the potential customer is looking for. The union of both factors is still the best option to achieve a splendid result that helps any professional to achieve the loyalty of each client.


  • Magazines, magazines, Press
  • Literature books, Florilegios
  • Commercial Catalogs
  • eBooks
  • White Papers
  • Corporate Identity Manuals
  • Franchisee Manual
  • Presentation Dossiers
  • Company brochures
  • Product catalogs
  • Magazine layout
  • Design and writing of advertorials
  • Advertising brochures
  • Corporate brochures
  • Operation manuals
  • Flyers, diptychs, triptychs, etc.

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diseño de etiquetas para envases y productos
At Brandesign we are dedicated to the design, layout, diagramming, pagination, assembly and revision of all types of publications, from the preparation of the previous material, content distribution, to the generation of templates (layouts) for all types of content, generating alternatives for the front cover, back cover, front covers, information page as well as the production of infographics, illustrations and photography of the products themselves (including their subsequent photographic optimization in Photoshop) to the supervision of final printing arts, so that your content is at the height of its quality.
Diseño Publicitario
Diseño de anuncios de revista, Prensa, Mupis, Carteles, Folletos, Carteles, Trípticos, Flyers, Dossiers, Vallas, etc.
Diseño Editorial
Publicaciones, Revistas, Libros, eBooks, White Papers, Manuales, Catálogos, etc.
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Diseño gráfico de infografias para presentaciones, campañas de marketing, licitaciones, o reportes que resuman tu propuesta de valor en una sola imagen esquematizada
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Desarrollamos todo tipo de formatos digitales para la web: Páginas y sitios web, landing Pages, Microsites, Email Marketing, Newsletters, Desarrollo de tiendas Online, Consultoría eCommerce, etc
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Infografías, Banners, Creatividades, Banners para tus campañas de Display, Gifs animados, Personalización de Canales de Redes sociales, Social Media Theme, White Papers, Data Sheets, eBooks, Formularios editables en PDFs, etc
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