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Branding for a school of Rock in Madrid

Pablo, Héctor and Nuria contacted us to undertake perhaps their most cherished dream: a music school specialising in Rock to start up here in Madrid. This school would consolidate many years in the teaching of music, since Hector one of the founders already had a long career as a musician, they wanted for the first time to create a school themed on ROCK. This new brand would consist of 3 aspects: #1 To create experiences for all those people who want to learn to play music, but also to start playing rock, an aptitude that not everyone could achieve after a long time of practice.

#2 We wanted to create a ‘Save the Day’ experience for companies and Team Buildings, but also #3 to create a recording studio for bands, give them advice and make an open invitation for -anyone- to live the experience of being part of a rock band.

Todos tenemos una historia que tocar

What Pablo told us was that it doesn’t matter if you don’t have time, if you don’t know how to play an instrument, if you don’t have a sense of time…. the only thing that counts is your desire! Hence the need to create a space, a meeting point, a place of belonging, where professionalism, methodology and enthusiasm come together: A School of Rock!

The premise of the brand was made: to bring ROCK not only as a variety or musical style, but also as an experience of sharing a day of rock with your family, co-workers and friends, to offer personalized coaching for bands that want to become professional, to offer the ideal space for expert workshops, with the aim of attracting active musicians who want to acquire specific knowledge about ROCK. From these premises Rockin’ MAD was born

Creacion de la identidad corporativa de una escuela de rock en madrid


Although we had the word ‘Rock’ very much in mind (a must for the naming to help us position ourselves) we had to do a brief naming work to come up with the name of this rock school, a name that had a free .com domain for registration, as well as the user names for social networks. The project of Naming gave shape to something that came out in the first round of presentation: Rockin’ MAD. Which means Rocking in Madrid or Rock in Madrid, for future franchises (or sub-franchises) we designated that the international abbreviations formed by 3 letters of the city would be kept, for a possible Rockin’ BCN or Rockin’ VLN for Barcelona, Valencia or any city that wanted to open its own centre.

The result was a very descriptive name spoken from the gerund in English: Rockeando en Madrid, which defines the activity and the place, we also played with an apostrophe ‘ to shorten the name and make it casual.



The project consisted of the design of its corporate identity To do this in Brandesign we first worked on a brief Brand Audit to know the panorama of music schools present in the market to create a differential value, already marked by the scarce presence of schools themed on rock, we studied the way of life of the Madrilenian who adopts Rock as a lifestyle: the way they dress, the places where they go, how they usually relate to each other to create a visual Mood Board that would serve as inspiration for the entire creative team.

Making a graphic recognition of the mythical rock icons we found: The guitar fingernail, the hand sign and musical instruments, one of which Pablo was always interested in: the model of a Fender Stratocaster Guitar. After several presentations of logo options in the first two rounds we opted for the guitar, but a guitar free to play whatever it wanted, with a free and rebellious spirit: a winged guitar.

Diseño de logotipo RockinMad escuela de rock madrid


In RockinMad’s soundproofed studios, several doors would open and close for various music rooms, and to have multiple spaces where the music would flow, as a signage concept Pablo and Nuria told us about an idea they wanted to realise with us: Avoid listing the rooms and give them a name, but not just any name: we would look for the most famous recording studios where many of the albums of many bands in the history of Rock were immortalised:

Abbey Road (London) where the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Oasis, Depeche Mode or Gustavo Certati Capitoil Studios (Hollywood) the studio of the Beach Boys, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole or the Beasti Boys Electric Lady (New York) production house of Jimi Hendrix, Bod Dylan, Led Zeppelin, John Lenon, AC/DC and others.

Here we leave you this interesting project of graphic design to sign and label the doors with vinyls of the Rockin’ MAD spaces.

Rockin mad el caso de branding de una escuela de rock
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In the Handbook on Identidad Corporativa we collected the constituent elements of the Visual Identity of ROCK’INMAD. The consolidation of ROCK’INMAD’s new image required special attention to typography, colour and the essence and joy of rock as part of its photographic principles. At Brandesign we think that the Brand Book should be a “living” tool that reflects not only the technical guidelines for the execution of the brand but also the personality of the Brand Character so that it can serve as an inspiration to create new things from these guidelines.

A brand designed to capture the culture of the people who live this service creates empathy, and this allows the brand to build customer recognition and loyalty, communicate its core strengths and value proposition in a memorable way.


Once the brand guidelines have been established it is much easier to design pieces to keep this communication faithful, the following are communication pieces executed not only to transmit the brand message but also to create campaigns that attract this public to know it. We share with you the work of some triptychs, flyers, desserts, posters, rollups and badges made for the centre’s events. I hope you liked this work that we enjoyed so much at Brand Design.

branding slogan claim todos tenemos una historia que tocar
portafolio brandesign agencia creativa y de branding


Choose very well the agency that will accompany you in the beginning, because you don’t have 2 chances to create a good first impact. Whether you are setting up a restaurant or a shop, your customers will not only evaluate you on the taste of your dishes, but they will also make a value judgement on the visual aspect of your business. We also eat through our eyes. A brand has to look serious, reliable, credible and also be different from the current market in order not to be just another business. Contact us! We would like to be your creative team in this key moment of creating a new business.

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