Designing the new Pâtés labels for Fresh Salammmi

Salammmi Fresh Salammmi Fresh is the wet dog food range of FRESH MEDITERRANEAN,

inspired by traditional Italian cuisine.


Design of the entire range of Salammmi dog food (pâtés). Creative conceptualisation, idea generation, branding development, design of the whole look of the product and packaging, editing and supervision of the final artwork, from naming to the implementation of its communication pieces.

diseñador grafico etiquetas de producto mascotas
diseñador grafico etiquetas de producto mascotas


In another previous success story we talked to you about how Brandesign was able to redesign the whole range of dog snacks in the Fresh Mediterranean range, in that opportunity we had to analyze many colors that defined the categories of ingredients such as assigning the color blue to fish products, orange shades for chicken and red for red meat.

For this new project we had to maintain that strategy in the color palette to facilitate a crossover or cross-selling of complementary products of the same brand to the same type of customer looking for food supplements for their pets.

For this opportunity Arturo asked us to have fun for the design of his pâté line (wet food complementary to the dry food we had already designed last year).

Our client and partner gave us carte blanche to create a packaging design strategy that encompasses everything from the name to the look of the product.

For these varieties of Salammmi Fresh, the recipe is based on 3 fundamental pillars:

90% meat { turkey, rabbit, beef, veal, pork, chicken or fish
10% vegetables
0% cereals (grain free)


TO ACHIEVE THE FOLLOWING OBJECTIVES: Achieve clear differentiation of each product within its line. Unify colour criteria. Create a colourful experience for an eye-catching range. Communicate the benefits of the product and its natural ingredients. THE FIRST STEP IN THE DESIGN PROCESS IS TO ESTABLISH A FOCUS.

The creative team meets with the client to understand their vision, objectives and brand values. The market is researched and existing products and labels on the shelf are analysed to identify opportunities for differentiation. Aspects such as target audiences, competitors and current trends in product and label design are also considered. This research and analysis phase lays the foundation for the development of the design proposal.



Once the approach is established, our creative team begins to shape the design proposal. Different concepts are explored and initial sketches are developed in order to have the best possible alternative within the same briefing objectives.

We play with colours, typographies, shapes and forms. ilustraciones personalizadas to convey the brand identity and capture the attention of the target audience. We are looking for solutions that stand out on the shelf and communicate the unique attributes of the product: Complete dog food with grain free meat ingredients where the salami is imported from Italy.

To achieve the best result we worked closely with the client (Dapac) presenting options and gathering feedback to refine the proposal and come to the conclusion of an elegant design within the premium Grain Free category of th productos Fresh.

Implementation of final arts

Once the final design concept has been selected, the team works on the implementation of the final artwork. Digital versions of the labels are created and technical details such as size, resolution and colours are adjusted. Designers ensure that the labels meet printing requirements and files are prepared in formats suitable for production. Aspects of legibility, usability and adaptability to different packaging formats and sizes are also considered.


Print supervision and visibility results

Once the final artwork is ready, our team of designers is responsible for overseeing the printing process, thus ensuring that the ideas put forward are faithfully captured in the graphic production. We seek to carry out a meeting or technical printing report to guarantee the quality and fidelity of the printed design. Certified colour proofs or chromakeys are carried out to verify the technical details before giving the green light for mass production. Once the products with the new labels reach the market, public response is monitored and the awareness achieved is evaluated. Metrics such as sales growth, brand perception or appreciation and consumer feedback are analysed to measure the success of the design proposal and make adjustments if necessary.


Our process as a design studio specialising in product and label graphic design involves a clear focus, effective graphic creativity, precise technical implementation and close monitoring for successful results. By understanding the brand’s vision and objectives, researching the market and differentiating themselves from the competition, creatives can develop compelling and effective design proposals that drive product awareness and success.

estudio de diseño grafico en madrid especializado en productos alimento mascotas


Does the design of your packaging or the presentation of your product not communicate its key features and unique value proposition? You don’t have 2 chances to communicate your product well. The current market demands authenticity and a lot of innovation. At Brandesign we design brand strategies so that your brand becomes your company’s most valuable asset. We do it from research, preparation and with excellent care to creativity, because your product must be unique. Shall we start?

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