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When running a brand, the manager may be too busy with daily operations to stop and evaluate the overall appearance of his or her brand. Capturing that visual identity in a corporate identity manual may seem unnecessary in the short term since the first approach is to have a good naming and a good logo , period.

But a Brand Book is well worth the effort. Having a set of brand guidelines can not only save you money and time, avoid surprises, but it can also generate more engagement, more customers, and better returns on your branding and marketing efforts.

Is it coherent and consistent?

Are you looking to innovate?

Is it current?

  • If you are trying to launch a new campaign and need to ‘validate’ brand guidelines
  • If you are launching a new range of products, it can help you guide you in naming since its verbal identity will help you create a nomenclature system.
  • You can validate whether brand applications will run in four-color or monochrome on certain printed media
  • If you are thinking about franchising your business, a brand manual can also be very useful to set the guidelines not only for communication but also for the execution of the technical regulations that must be followed to maintain homogeneity regardless of the city or country in which it is located. open a division.
  • The same corporate identity manual will help you align different suppliers (printers, web developers, sign makers, advertisers, etc.) in the same project since they will know what their technical guidelines are and will maintain the same line.

What is a brand book and how can it help your company?

First let’s clarify that a Brand Book or Corporate Identity Manual is not something exclusive to franchisable brands or consumer brands, a corporate identity manual will not only help you know the technical guidelines of corporate identity (to safeguard it and keep it faithful and coherent in any medium) but also does not include guidelines on how to execute marketing and communication campaigns, it can serve to provide guidance on uniforms, fleet of vehicles or app icons. It is in itself the book of rules so that your brand does not wander and get lost in poor execution.

A brand book codifies the overall visual identity of your company, brand, product or service. It is the rule book for an organization to stay united, aligned and coherent. At Branddesign, like many branding agencies in Madrid, we usually design and deliver it either as a PDF or in a printed brochure. It can be used as a guide over and over again by employees and suppliers of your organization in different sites and departments.

It can also include many other elements. From how corporate stationery should be executed, how the company’s fleet of vehicles can be labeled, or the uniforms to be worn by staff, or how the exterior of the premises should look, to even advertising, the buyer persona, the definition of the Brand Equity pyramid , what is the brand promise in general and what is the differentiation between its possible products and services, including the packaging strategy oriented to each tier (the colors to be used in the high or low range).

All of these elements are part of your overall visual identity as a brand. That identity must be carefully crafted to accurately communicate the purpose, values, ambitions, characteristics and promise of your brand. On many occasions, 2 books or corporate identity manual are prepared; one for Exterior use (with suppliers) and another for Interior use (only for staff) since it contains sensitive and extremely confidential information since it is a resource that exposes your company’s strategies.


Just as every company needs a mission statement, every brand also needs a brand book. At Brandesign we design corporate identity manuals both in logo design projects that we are starting with our clients from scratch and for companies that already have their corporate identity defined but have never been able to capture it to align their organization. What makes us especially good is at listening and expressing, since this book is the result of many hours of work defining not only the strategic part of WHAT to say but also the technical part of HOW it should be seen.

At Brandesign Creative Agency we can help you capture your corporate identity in an attractive as well as useful way because we are aware that information requires design. How to distribute, prioritize and present is as important as the content to be read.

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diseño de etiquetas para envases y productos

Choose very well the branding agency that will accompany you from the beginning, because you do not have 2 opportunities to create a good first impact.

Value the visual identity of your business because it is the visual way in which your clients or consumers value you. A brand image has to look professional, solvent, credible and also be different from the current market so as not to be just another business.

We would like to take care of your company’s most valuable asset: your brand.

Brand Equity Building
Exploramos conceptos creativos mas allá de un logo. El objetivo es la construcción de una personalidad de marca (valores, cultura, temática, etc) y que sea única, fiel al producto y reconocible para su target.
Plan de Marca
Busca crear los mensajes, copys, gráficos y elementos de composición necesarios para posicionar una empresa o marca con sus principios, valores y creencias corporativas a su público objetivo.
Diseño de Logotipo
Es el primer ladrillo del Branding. Diseñamos logotipos, imagotipos, isologos, isotipos desde un punto técnico y estratégico pensando siempre en el universo de sus diferentes aplicaciones, posicionamiento y crecimiento.
Rediseño de Logo
¿Ya tienes un logotipo? pero le quieres dar una vuelta para cambiarlo o modernizarlo? Sea que hayas crecido o te hayan cambiado las directrices en tu negocio o mercado podemos refrescar tu identidad corporativa manteniendo el nombre actual de tu marca. Planteamos alternativas de diseño para que entre cliente y agencia encontremos el mejor rediseño de logo que se adapte a tu nueva fase.
Brand Book o Manual de marca
¿Ya tienes un logotipo? pero necesitas ampliar y definir mejor los aspectos esenciales de tu logotipo? Brandesign diseña manuales de identidad corporativa ampliando los recursos que necesita tu marca posicionar más allá de tu logotipo. Creamos las pautas y directrices para que todo tu equipo mantenga y resguarde fielmente tu branding.
Vectorización de Logos
¿Ya tienes una idea para tu logotipo? pero no encuentras un diseñador gráfico que ilustre y vectorice tu boceto? Nosotros en Brandesign contamos con un equipo de creativos que potenciarán tu idea y la convertirán en una estrategia de marca sólida y atractiva.

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