ilustraciones personalizadas para producto alimento mascotas

Personalised illustrations para Pet Food

As creatives and designers we cannot hide our passion for illustrations and well executed projects in a technical and creative way. Projects that are well done and above all: unique. While many creative agencies make a living from Freepik-like downloads, we like to spend time customising our brands and creative campaigns by illustrating our own material on our iPads or Wacom tablets. In illustration you have carte blanche to express what the brand wants. Be it a hyper-realistic illustration of your secret ingredients for a packaging front end  or a vector illustration for social media. Although photo repositories serve to optimise costs and time, we will always prefer to open a section for illustration or custom photography.

These are some of the projects in which we had carte blanche to illustrate and use our talent. We hope you like them


Are you looking for a way for your product or service to connect emotionally with your customers?

Do you want to differentiate yourself from the competition through a truly unique design?

Our custom illustrations are the solution.

With a team of highly talented illustrators, we can create bespoke artwork for your brand. These are not just generic images, they are authentic works of art strategically conceptualised to highlight the essence of your business and create meaningful connections with your consumers.

Whether it’s for your packaging, advertising campaigns or digital assets, our custom artwork will provide a powerful differentiator that will captivate your audience. Let us innovate!

Brandesign 2021. Realistic illustrations for the new ANC Fresh product line and packaging.

© Brandesign 2021. Ilustraciones estilo grabado para la nueva línea de productos Essentials


It all starts with a thorough understanding of your brand and objectives. Our illustrators brainstorm to generate fresh and impactful ideas that connect with your story.

We explore concepts and styles, from abstract and minimalist to naive and organic. We seek to highlight the elements that make it unique.

We then develop sketches and proposals, iterating to refine the composition, colour palette, techniques and details to achieve the perfect piece. We work side by side with you, until you are completely satisfied.

The end result will be an emblematic and differentiating illustration for your brand. Original and inspiring art that your customers will love.

Ilustraciones en alta resolución para imagen de producto y packaging


Have you seen the same photo of your product on another product?

That’s because many brands are looking to cut costs by purchasing free stock photos from photobanks with tens of thousands of downloads. Your product loses credibility when the same photo and the same resource is also used by others.

With a personalised illustration, your packaging or label enjoys more creativity and authenticity.

Illustrations allow you to express identities and values in a way that photography cannot. Our artistic approach will help you to:

Tell visual stories about your brand. Convey your purpose and personality in a credible way. Connect with audiences on an emotional level. Create captivating sensory experiences. Elevate the consideration of your product as unique and valuable.

Turn every touch point into an opportunity to create meaningful connections. Let our custom illustrations awaken your customers’ love for your brand.

ilustraciones personalizadas para etiquetas de producto agencia creativa


Product design has to speak volumes about the product and communicate in a retail outlet that lacks visual or multimedia support. It has to communicate and at the same time create its own style. At Brandesign we are aware of the diversification that products have to establish a clear strategy in their packaging so that the consumer recognises it instantly. We like challenges: Shall we get going?

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