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Objective: Renewal of the digital face of the company on the Internet.

IESA is a company that develops state-of-the-art IT tools to manage the work of thousands of property administrators in Spain with less effort, greater security, speed and economy. Its team, made up of experienced technicians, had made great efforts to update its products, investing time in the development of solutions but not in its digital face: the website.

Since many of its applications had been versioned, incorporating numerous tools ranging from the development of desktop applications for a very demanding market sector to the development of cloud platforms such as the launch of tu The client was looking for a website that would project this renovation effort and that visually the property managers would find here their market segment for the decision making process of software purchase.

Desarrollo de sitios web responsive flexibles para escritorio y moviles


The challenge was to consolidate information since IESA produces and develops many computer products that already have a published product website, our challenge was to rethink and build a new modern corporate website, responsive (responsive) with contemporary design and that would attract its main target: companies and property managers.

Brandesign, together with the Marketing team and the IT team, proposed graphic design formats, web design, color search to enhance branding, but also made performance formats to convert their internal pages into potential landing pages for the demonstration of the benefits of each product as well as the capture of leads on a single page of information.

The result is an attractive, contemporary website that identifies with the software development sector for the property management industry. We have also worked on the construction of the icons for each of the applications of the house, taking care of the entire corporate image of the company in Brandesign.

Development of Icons for the Apps
Website Design and Development under WordPress
Plugins Configuration and Maintenance of the site
Image Optimization
Creation, categorization and distribution of information
Review of performance Plugins
Homogenization of styles and hierarchies
Development of copyrights, claims and contents
Illustration of the infographics of the web and microsites.
Renovation of the entire corporate image of their apps:

RGPD 365
and more

You can visit the website at

nueva web de Iesa desarrollada por Brandesign agencia creativa madrid
Desarrollo de la nueva página web de IESA bajo Wordpress Portafolio Brandesign Agencia Creativa
Desarrollo de la nueva página web de IESA bajo Wordpress Portafolio Brandesign Agencia Creativa
ilustracion e infografias graficas contenidos sitio pagina web brandesign agencia madrid


To update its line of desktop applications

When we got to know the line of products developed by IESA, we realised that the identity of its applications was based on the design of its box. That is to say, we go back to those years in which the software came in a cardboard box with the installation DVDs. Logically, it was a challenge to establish an app design based on icons while remaining faithful to the colours of the suite. Just as Microsoft would keep green for Excel, orange for PowerPoint, we at Brandesign established a colour code and iconography design to maintain the fidelity of the software company’s Apps.

This is what we came up with and what we did:

Iconos Apps Gesfincas


Better Brand Positioning

Having migrated from a non-CMS website to a powerful content management system such as wordpress, IESA has gained better brand awareness in the eyes of customers and suppliers, as well as a desired SEO positioning. Brandesign worked for 1 year together with iProspect and the Marketing Department in the content debugging in order to position the website among the first search results.

Diseño de la página web de IESA


Is your website at the level of your company? At Brandesign we develop websites and web pages that stand out from the rest through design. HOW they see and appreciate you visually establishes a direct line in the way they buy and value you.

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