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How brands make their customers fall in love by transforming them into BrandLovers

As known as: Branding makes you in love. #BrandLovers


Branding is the integral strategy that defines a brand through the intelligent and active management of all the differentiating elements that compose it. Is added to what the name or logo does in order to maximize intangible values ​​and qualities that differentiate it from the competition. All this helps you to position the brand within its market and the consumer’s mind.


How to fall in love?

Branding increases a brand’s value and its brand philosophy can generate such a strong empathy in the lifestyle or experience that transforms potential customers into what is called brand lovers or brand ambassadors.

Brand lovers are people who have developed an emotional bond with a particular brand and are identified with its culture. The relationship of a brand lover with a brand goes far beyond of buying its products. Brand lovers are like fans of a football team, they will speak well about our brand, recommend our products to their friends and share everything related to it in their social networks. If we make someone to become a brand lover of our brand, we will have the best ambassador possible.

For any company, brand lovers importance is very high because the comments they make either supporting or recommending our brand and products are useful to increase the diffusion and visibility of our business. On the other hand, brand lovers will also help us to increase our reputation and corporate image.


What are the means to create and improve the interactions between brands and their brand lovers?

Choosing the right communication channels to interact with brand lovers is fundamental to maintain their loyalty towards the brand. Here we detail some of these communication channels.

Web design. A website with a modern and attractive design that is informative, intuitive and easy to use is a great way to interact with our customers.

Social Networks. Nowadays, social networks are fundamental for enterprises. Not only to advertise our products, but also to communicate with our customers. Establishing personal relationships with brand lovers, answering their questions or simply thanking a positive comment they have made, will increase their satisfaction.

Retail Experience. Analyzing the behavior of our customers will help us in the future to find the best way to communicate with them and improve their experience as a client of our business

Packaging. A careful and attractive packaging will attract new customers and serves as a communication window for the consumer. The way we present a product, how we sell it, its packaging and the way we deliver it is just as important as the product itself.

Newsletters. Emailed newsletters are another great way to communicate with our customers and brand lovers. We must ensure that these emails transmit something valuable for the client; creativity and imagination must be our hallmark.


Tools needed to reach our brand lovers

In order to reach brand lovers hearts we must offer them appropriate and quality services. Among the things we must keep in mind when it comes to generating brand lovers we have:

Give a good first impression. A careful and clean design of our logo, our products or our website will attract more customers.

Maintain a loyalty strategy over time. Study your clients very well, give importance to their birthday, find what are the basic needs through which they come to you, how they do it, and how and who recommends you. Create an ATL or BTL communication strategy to make them know they have your brand’s support, from pre-sale to post –sale service. Make them feel special, different and part of something bigger than just one product.

Generate quality content. Any post or advertisement that we make through social networks or any other channel must be of quality and add value to our customers.

  • Share values ​​with customers. Brand values ​​must be communicated in order to connect with customers.
  • To serve the customer well. Both the pre-sale and post-sales services must be of good quality.
  • Be accessible. We must facilitate our clients the possibility of contacting us by telephone, email or chat.

To reach these goals we must use a series of tools among which are:

CRM. Customer Relationship Management systems are a set of tools that allow us to gather information about our consumers. Doing this we will be able to design customized, creative and attractive contents. Using these tools we will improve our customer’s experience and our interaction with them.

Strategy in social networks. A good, useful and attractive strategy in social networks that mixes both advertising and information content about our business sector is fundamental to interact with our customers.  At this point, to have a good Community Manager is essential to convey our company’s values ​​ in every message and make each of these messages easily shareable.

Blogs. Creating a blog is another perfect way to communicate with our customers. Having an editor who knows how to create interesting content and fit our customers profile is another tool that has a lot of potential. In our blog we can talk not only about our products, but how we can use them or encourage our consumers to talk about their experiences.


At Brandesign we design brands that connect with people. We also connect with brands, using creativity and ingenuity that are the best resources of all. Make your brand have an emotional connection with your customers:

In Brandesign we design labels, containers, boxes, cases and packaging with a creative sense, with technical knowledge and with Branding values ​​to make you stand out from the first moment: there, in the shelf at the point of sale (retail) or from the Web.

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Brandesign is a branding firm and a design studio with strong expertise in branding, creating strong engagement between brands and its consumers through creativity

Social networks are profitable for brands

Yes! Social media is profitable for brands

We dismantle the myth: The data bear this out.
Brands earn money with Social Media.

Sometimes, the company’s social networks have more visits than their own corporate websites. And the best of it is that they are free tools from which it can be practiced a marketing that is also free. However, even today there are reticent companies in the use of these networks and doubt about their effectiveness. These examples take apart this (absurd) idea. Social networks are profitable for companies: success stories.

The benefits that social networks can provide to companies are infinite. And besides, they are proven. Benefits such as an improved brand image on the internet, proximity to user, greater interactivity with customers, direct marketing without intermediaries, to present products and services of a company in a better way and with more efficacy… and as a final result, increased profits. Social networks are profitable for companies. And here are some success stories that prove this.

Wispa®, was a famous chocolate bar from the Cadbury Brand.

One day, in an update about past company products, customers asked for this candy bar to be back. And the company listened. They put on sale a consignment of 40 million new chocolate bars that were sold in an 18 months period. This is a good example that helps to know how important it is listening to the customers, and social networks are the means where they spend most of their useful time.

Casos de éxito de como el social media es rentable para las marcas y sus empresas Cadbury's Wispa en Facebook

Another success story which shows that social networks are profitable for companies is found in those who have based their success in their only presence on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. It means that with no physical store, they only can take advantage of social networks to sell their products. Foiled Cupcakes  brand has such a good product that their wonderful pictures make that 97% of its sales stem from social networks

La reputación online es crucial para los pequeños negocios

14 million plays had the demonstration videos of the Blendtec kitchen’s robots. Thanks to Youtube and Twitter they became so famous that their billing experienced a spectacular 700% increase. Originality was the key here.
And another example that demonstrates that social networks are profitable for companies is found in those who choose to apply a special offer one particular day a week. The Joi de Vivre hotel chain increased room bookings in a special offer on Tuesdays which brought 1.000 new customers they didn’t have before.

Como las redes sociales pueden hacerle ganar dinero

Couponing is another online marketing technique on social networks. An example of its success is found in the Steaz brand, dedicated to organic tea. They even sold 250,000 coupons through social networks only.

Or Toblerone, the famous chocolate brand, invented a special day, the National Thank You Day, to increase their sales in the Philippines. And look if they did it, because that day their sales increased by 132%.

Las marcas rentabilizan sus esfuerzos en social media

And you still believe that social networks cannot help you get more benefits for your company? At Brandesign we plan digital strategies to make your efforts profitable on social networks with creativity and assertiveness.

Ask us how we can make you earn with social networks.