• Each brand has its own personality

    What is your equity?

    Your brand is unique. The way people appreciate it, where and how it communicates with its target audience make it unique. The logo is just the face, in Brandesign we encourage the experiences and values that generate Brand culture. We are Brand equity builders.

    We will design your values
  • We build brand equity

    Brands that
    get fans

    Creativity is the language with which we build corporate image, if your brand connects emotionally with its target, you will get more than just consumers, you will get fans. We can develop your brand in any context. Allow us to be your Brand Manager.

  • Creative campaigns

    Ideas that
    lead to results

    At Brandesign we produce creative campaigns both for the online and offline world, optimizing results according to the possibilities that each medium offers and aiming to captivate the attention of each target audience.

    We want you to win
  • Connected with you

    A global agency

    Based in Madrid, and with offices in Miami and Caracas, Brandesign is a global agency working worldwide. Distance does not matter when communication works.

  • Creative Services


    You are the way you are seen. We design communication strategies to attract your target audience. We add values such as innovation and creativity to each project, product, campaign or service. You are the way you are seen.

    Ideas for your brand


Between BRANDING and DESIGN there shall no be spaces, brands must be in continuous connection, communication and innovation with consumers and creativity is the media where those ties are constructed; We are an agency that provides strategies for effective visual solutions.

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Pure visual communication from the corporate image of a company to promotional pieces you need to do direct marketing.



We design effective websites, thinking about the user experience and how to get to critical information in one click.



We produce the creativities of your online campaign, banners animation, richmedia, mailings, newsletters y landings.



We are a dynamic flexible, creative agency, which constantly seeks to innovate and also draw on each client and maintain a continuous, transparent and clear communication with them. Because only this interaction produces top results. We are the “design department” for advertising agencies, we are the “creative” for many media agencies, we are the “finalists art” for many manufacturing companies, the “image consultants” for many SMEs and the “developers” for web projects. We have extensive experience in building strategies for branding, marketing, corporate image also combines it with our fans in information technology, illustration, animation, and photography.


Good Design is Good Business

Marketing Leaders recognize the engagement power of Design in its products and projects

Marketing leaders recognize the power of the design about their brand.

Precisely because of the sensory appreciation that people get from a product or service, you have to be very clear about your branding strategy. Brandesign incorporated into your marketing plan, media plan or sales, we can advise, design— and produce you any piece for you to achieve your sales targets, positioning, or just stay on the “top of mind” of your customers. Our experience ranges from the strategic to the implementation of parts at the point of sale FMOT / GTOS recognizing the technical advantages of each medium and support, and turn ideas into effective business actions for your business, product, service or brand.

This agency we achieve objectives!

From Spain to the World Wide Web


The world just a click away. You can meet our work across the Web, perhaps one of our banners will expand before your eyes, or perhaps seeing a sign for the Metro in Miami or offering a product from a single pole in the highway of Valladolid, perhaps you’ve been through some of our stands, bought any item in stores that we have developed, read any article of fashion in Panama, noticed about some of our printed observed street furniture in Madrid, or just checking your emails … We have done a lot of things for many media and while the Internet keeps expanding so will our customers and our visual work. We manage our projects, our team and meetings offline and online changing the “bricks” for the “clicks” no matter where your business is located, we can make you see..


Mónica Maurer

Mónica Maurer

Client Services Director

People have often said to me I am easy to work with be it as a team lead or collaborating in a team, I am a good communicator and keep teams & members up to date, extremely organized, I am a senior level independent worker and it is easy to delegate in me and know it will be followed up on, nothing goes amiss or will fall under the table.

Gemma Martín

Gemma Martín

Digital Strategist

We are living in a revolution where the media and the information are reinvented every day, Prosumer of digital marketing, sem, SEO, social media, digital advertising, online shops, video sites and everything that connects information with people.

David Zuker

David Zuker


I worked for “El Corte Inglés” and some world wide renown famous international brands making animations and interactive microsites with Flash. Expertise campaigns focused on online lead generation (Zed Worldwide and its partners Real Madrid mobile and FC Barcelona Mobile). I am passionate about experimenting with vector illustration and mixed techniques

Carlos Gascue

Carlos Gascue

Creative Director

I worked at PG learning how to build global brands and branding strategies drawing on regional markets in line with the needs of each type of consumer. I complemented the work experience working as a creative in Ymedia interactive designing online campaigns to achieve a good profile 360°.

Felipe Pérez Guerra

Felipe Pérez Guerra

IT Partner

I have spent my entire professional life working in the analysis, design, development and implementation of software systems from various sources, from small personal projects to internationally recognized implementations. This time helped me to gain knowledge and experience that allows me to provide quality products to any software project in which I participate.