How to optimize your events on internet?

How to optimize your events on internet?

If you are going to present a new service, talk about a specific topic, participate in a roundtable, or make a workshop, one of the objectives will be to motivate your target to get the bigger number of assistants possible.

With these tips, you could get more public, improve your media coverage and give more value to the participants who had assisted to the event.

Before the event


  1. Write about your talking, conference, or workshop before it is celebrated and put it on your site. Remember to optimize titles, descriptions, tags, friendly URL’s… ETC.
  2. If you have time, design a teaser for your workshop.infografia sobre como optimizar tus eventos en facebook
  3. About social networks. We propose you:
    • Create events on facebook, or groups in LinkedIn
    • Infographics about how to optimize your facebook events.
    • Create an official hashtag for the event and “tweet” previously about the advances and novelties.
    • Design a questionary or a quiz that is really attractive for your audience to share with their contacts.
    • Have you ever thought creating an invitation? Use pinterest and show it.
    • Announce your event through emails, social networks or sponsored ad.
    • Approach any occasion, any meeting to comment it.

During the event

  1. Create content during the event so the audience can participate. For example, you can add photos or any post so people can be tagged.
  2. Use the “buttons share on social networks” like AddThis or Shareaholic in the presentation you make.
  3. Encourages participation of your audience by asking or provoking the audience.
  4. Ask someone from your team who monitors tweets and interact with them during the presentation.
  5. If you can, broadcast in streaming.

After the event

  1. Thank all bloggers that covered your event through internet.
  2. If you were part of a bigger event, do not forget to thank your partners and the event moderator.
  3. Connect with the new “contacts” through the more convenient channels.
  4. Provide proper follow up to all questions and doubts.

Do you need more ideas? Do you want us to help you? Or did you miss some other tip?

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