Artificial intelligence as a marketing and sales tool

Artificial intelligence as a marketing and sales tool

In marketing, increasingly innovative techniques are used with the aim of offering more personalized advertisements every time.

Companies try to know more exactly what kind of customer they have to know how to create a need for them to purchase their products. Logically, the same strategies will not be used to attract one type of client than another.

According to an analysis by McKinsey, many jobs consist of tasks that can be automated. For example, workers engaged in financial activities spend 43% of their time doing tasks that can be automated. If these activities were automated the company would achieve greater agility in the procedures and therefore a greater number of benefits.

There is concern that artificial intelligence will end up with many jobs but in reality what it will do is introduce changes in the way of working of employees. Workers who are dedicated to sales should make greater use of their analytical skills so that people who are not yet customers become them. The computer programs that imitate human behavior, known as bots, will be in charge of having a first deal with the client.

One of the most effective techniques of artificial intelligence is to ensure that there is greater segmentation and in this way each person is possessing the information they need at all times. If for example in the chats of the websites that offer articles we are able to derive the client to the department that needs we will be saving time and money.

We also have to take into account the people who subscribe to our website and offer us their data. Each time a person subscribes, a lead is generated and consists of a first approach to a sale. On our website we can set up chats to capture leads and it would also be useful to offer the person who subscribes something in return, such as an e-book or a free subscription to a specific service. This will provide you with value.

Another advantage of artificial intelligence in marketing is that it is able to detect if when a user visits our website at that moment has an interaction with another human. At that time there are high chances that you can become a customer and therefore a person dedicated to sales will inform the person through the web of what you need. The system will notify us of the great probability that a sale will take place.

We can not miss all the opportunities that artificial intelligence offers us since they will translate into benefits for our business.