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The value of good packaging

The value of good packaging

Differentiating from competition is essential for a brand to be profitable and more attractive to our audience. From the moment our customers decide whether to buy our product, until the moment they take it home, the impression that our product causes will influence them. That’s why is necessary to give packaging the importance it deserves, since it is the first contact that our customers have with our product.


Packaging can help us to increase sales

Packaging is the traditional “boxing or wrapping” of our product. Any product can be wrapped in cartons, paper, plastic … It’s important because it’s the first thing our customers see, and of course, if it is an original packaging, it will attract more attention than a simple carton. What does this mean?

A marketing strategy is not limited to an advertising campaign or a catchy slogan. This means that even the smallest detail can become a marketing tool for your company. That’s why packaging is part of a marketing strategy, an element that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

It is not only important for those products sold in stores, but for those that are acquired by electronic commerce as well. The packaging is the presentation that we give to our product, so if it is not attractive or is neglected, our customers may prefer the product from our competition. Therefore, good packaging can directly affect the sales of our company.

While building your brand or branding, it is very important to highlight your design and what you want to transmit with it. That is why packaging is part of our brand image, as it transmits feelings to our customers. In addition, making the packaging of our product attractive can play in our favor, as it will make consumers remember our brand more easily.

Packaging innovation is not limited to one type of market; any type of business can surprise its customers with an original packaging. From phone companies to pre-packaged food businesses can differentiate themselves from the competition with this strategy. If we deal with an original idea or a striking graphic image instead of including advertising or traditional packaging, we can make our consumers to talk about us.

It may have happened to all of us at least once, being in front of two products that have the same function,  and opting for the one with the most colorful or attractive packaging. For example, if we want to buy cocoa cream and among the options we have, one of the brands offers us a glass container painted with colors we like, we probably take it home and give preference to that brand over the other.


Packaging and ‘online’ market.

Many of our customers are looking for a good product in their online purchases in addition to an elaborate packaging that can even be customized depending on the customer. If we make the packaging please our consumers, they may even share it through their social networks, spread our brand and repeat their purchase.

Unboxing is the moment when our client unpacks our product and spreads it through social networks. This trend is becoming more and more frequent in all kind of products. If the packaging is attractive, the customer will probably take a few minutes to talk about it, adding an additional value to our product.

Therefore, a good packaging, besides protecting the product, differentiates it from other brands and talks about it. The consumer will be able to differentiate our product just by seeing its packaging. And of course, it attracts customers and sells the product.



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Social networks are profitable for brands

Yes! Social media is profitable for brands

We dismantle the myth: The data bear this out.
Brands earn money with Social Media.

Sometimes, the company’s social networks have more visits than their own corporate websites. And the best of it is that they are free tools from which it can be practiced a marketing that is also free. However, even today there are reticent companies in the use of these networks and doubt about their effectiveness. These examples take apart this (absurd) idea. Social networks are profitable for companies: success stories.

The benefits that social networks can provide to companies are infinite. And besides, they are proven. Benefits such as an improved brand image on the internet, proximity to user, greater interactivity with customers, direct marketing without intermediaries, to present products and services of a company in a better way and with more efficacy… and as a final result, increased profits. Social networks are profitable for companies. And here are some success stories that prove this.

Wispa®, was a famous chocolate bar from the Cadbury Brand.

One day, in an update about past company products, customers asked for this candy bar to be back. And the company listened. They put on sale a consignment of 40 million new chocolate bars that were sold in an 18 months period. This is a good example that helps to know how important it is listening to the customers, and social networks are the means where they spend most of their useful time.

Casos de éxito de como el social media es rentable para las marcas y sus empresas Cadbury's Wispa en Facebook

Another success story which shows that social networks are profitable for companies is found in those who have based their success in their only presence on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. It means that with no physical store, they only can take advantage of social networks to sell their products. Foiled Cupcakes  brand has such a good product that their wonderful pictures make that 97% of its sales stem from social networks

La reputación online es crucial para los pequeños negocios

14 million plays had the demonstration videos of the Blendtec kitchen’s robots. Thanks to Youtube and Twitter they became so famous that their billing experienced a spectacular 700% increase. Originality was the key here.
And another example that demonstrates that social networks are profitable for companies is found in those who choose to apply a special offer one particular day a week. The Joi de Vivre hotel chain increased room bookings in a special offer on Tuesdays which brought 1.000 new customers they didn’t have before.

Como las redes sociales pueden hacerle ganar dinero

Couponing is another online marketing technique on social networks. An example of its success is found in the Steaz brand, dedicated to organic tea. They even sold 250,000 coupons through social networks only.

Or Toblerone, the famous chocolate brand, invented a special day, the National Thank You Day, to increase their sales in the Philippines. And look if they did it, because that day their sales increased by 132%.

Las marcas rentabilizan sus esfuerzos en social media

And you still believe that social networks cannot help you get more benefits for your company? At Brandesign we plan digital strategies to make your efforts profitable on social networks with creativity and assertiveness.

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