3.500 creatives done for displays & online campaigns

We fulfilled 3,500 produced creatives for online campaigns for inside and outside Spain.

We have been 4 years producing creatives for a wide variety of online campaigns for the media industry.

From Richmedia, HTML5, animated or static GIFs Brandesign has produced more than 3,500 creatives made since we opened in 2014. We are an independent creative agency, this means that we can offer you the creative line that your brand deserves, we are looking for alternatives for your campaign not filtered or tightened by global agencies, as we produce pieces for markets and local media. They are creatives, not churros. They have a format, a means a special public, that’s why we do not believe in recipes or automatic reapplications

  • Display Creation
  • HTML5 Banners
  • SEM campaign
  • Email Marketing
  • ATL creatives and visual campaigns
  • Performance Marketing and Automation
  • Digital communication execution
  • Banners and creative design, animation and implementation
  • Under Ad Specs (technical specifications)

Banner Types

  • All the standard banners you’ll need: Masthead, skyscrapper, megabanner, gigabanner, mpu, etc, all have their specifications and benefits, everyone regardless of their name we pay attention and care from creation to execution.
  • RichMedia: With and without video, interactive, with games, forms, dynamic, expandable, synchronized, what you can imaginer
  • Standard: Animated in HTML5 with clickTags and validations of your support is the GDN (google content network) Yahoo !, Microsoft, any other internal or external media platform or plugin


In Brandesign we defend the Recall that have the banners: it is the universal support: you have it in your videos of youtube, in your blog, in your newsletters, in your inbox, in your social networks, in the feed of your influencer, in your mobile even in your video games: The banner is the universal cross media format and we know how to catch the attention of your target audience regardless of whether you have a campaign contracted with CPM, CPC; CPL, CPA ..

Because of its complexity and because this is the only visual cross-media piece that the SEM world has, brands are paying more and more attention, and this is our mission: To produce relevant pieces that increase the online experience of your brand, your message and communicate effectively and creatively a positive impression.

Who is our targeted client?

  • A global agency or media boutique that needs creative support for their campaigns. (as we do with: Zizer, Dooflow, Digtali, etc.)
    To large media agencies that need creative reinforcement to look for alternatives to their campaigns (as we do with: Ymedia, Wink, FCB, Havas, OMD, etc.)
  • Lead Performance agencies that need to optimize the response funnel in their nurturing campaigns (as we do with Walmeric, JOT media, Thinking Interactive, etc.)
  • To advertisers and end clients who are looking for an independent agency that adheres to its criteria and not to the environment (as we do with: European University, IESA, 8Belts, Finect, etc.)
    To global brands that need campaigns with local ideas that can impact each type of user / client: (as we do with: Europcar, StubHub – Ticketbis, etc.)