How to improve the image of your brand through branding and marketing

How to increase the value of your brand?


There is no doubt today, that improving the concept and the vision that others have about your brand, is more important than ever. The great existing competition should serve as your inspiration and alert when working on your company´s image. In this sense, digital marketing can help you a lot. How? Take note:


Let’s be honest, if you do not improve the image of your brand, your customers will not perceive it in an attractive way. Not only must you take into account the work well done, the quality and price, but also the image you offer of your brand, because this is directly related to your company’s quality, culture, product or service. Because it might be that less experienced competitors, and why not saying it? competitors that are not as good as you, can be taking advantage of a more modern, clear image, aligned with the ideas and needs of your clients; could mean that their brand is more developed than yours and they are capturing a larger number of customers simply because of that. You cannot allow the image of your brand to be just that link you use when capturing new leads; you also cannot allow that they run from you by not being convinced by the image you project. These are new times for branding and your company needs to be up to date and ready, but how?


Branding Importance

The most important thing in this matter – or at least one of the most important ones – is to know where your own company is positioned in order to progress in the brand’s improvement. You must be objective, honest and partial in order to make a real criticism. Think why customers do not choose you, what the competition may have that you do not have and how you can change this. These concepts should be your starting point.


If you want to know how to improve your company’s brand image, the first thing to do is to focus on finding out what the values ​​and needs of your target audience are. Don’t forget your product values but try to take more into account the consumer’s sentimental point of view. Think about how you can attract customers that are interesting to you and of course, think about who your target audience is. Communicating the values ​​of your company in regards of its image is fundamental. Have a clear marketing vision in relation to your website, your social networks, your blog, your emails, your newsletter or newsletters … build an attractive corporate image.


You must keep in mind the actual trends in digital marketing of course, but these have to be adapted to your company’s brand. All its members should be concerned on making known and transmitting the same message, the same values ​​… trying that the proceeding way in this matter be the same for all of them. A good way to do this is checking all the points where a potential customer can get in touch with your brand and try, thus, to give a good first impression. You must be consistent of course, or what is the same, make that your company can offer the same experiences through the other departments: sales, customer service, commercials, social media, marketing, public relations…


Tools to improve the image of your company.

New technologies are the perfect allied to improve your company’s branding and offer tools that can certainly help you. This, coupled with professional services like Brandesign, will help you to progress in this aspect. Tools like these will undoubtedly help you:


  • Nuvi. With this tool, you will be able to see all the conversations as they occur, integrating all your social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Linkedin with access to personalized reports.
  • Websitegrader. Interesting tool that is useful to analyze the marketing actions effectiveness in your web. It takes into account concepts like SEO, traffic, its popularity … ideal for monitoring the image of your brand.
  • Google Trends. Google offers you many applications for free and this is one that you cannot let go. Besides, Google Trends identifies hot searches that occur in your country.
  • Unbounce: Your website landing page is essential to your image. With this tool you can design two webpages using similar landing templates and decide which works better for you. You can also know the results of your campaigns, through its instruments for results analysis.
  • JPEGmini. The images you choose are very important for your brand positioning in order to make it more visible. With this option you can reduce your photos, without affecting its original graphics and quality, reducing in this way the loading time of your website.
  • Qualaroo. Do your own market research from your website with this tool that helps you to elaborate mini surveys in order to know your customers, their needs, and what they want in a more effective way.
  • Later Bro. With this one you have the possibility to create promotional messages for determined times that will be published just when you want.
  • Google. Do not underestimate the power of Google Maps reviews and the interactions you can get with Google Plus.


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